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The Match1Marketplace is our premier advertising opportunity. This program is our most popular and promotes you on every page of our website and is included in all marketing materials sent to our members and partners.

Partner Advertising
We offer our partners a special opportunity to be marketed globally. We ensure that our members connect to our partners and the valuable services they offer to the broad marketplace.

Virtual Community
Are you a national trainer or speaker? Do you have a publication you wish to promote? Is your company or organization going green? We offer a Virtual Community of Green companies and organizations, professional speakers and trainers and a Virtual Library for individuals who want to promote their work to our 8 million members. Try our Green Village, Virtual Library, Speakers’ Bureau and Training Hub.

TopMatch Event Advertising
Promote your event through our TopMatch Event program. Get your event in front of 8 million members. Simply provide information about your organization, describe your event, upload an event logo and click submit. Try our TopMatch Event Basic Advertising or our TopMatch Event Premier Advertising today!

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BootCamp Series

Available Now

Get our 4th Annual Nonprofit Boot Camp series for your nonprofit today. Hear from 7 nonprofit industry leaders from around the US. This series covers board development, fundraising, planned giving, social media for your nonprofit and much more. Get your series today!

Donor Lists

Donor Lists

5,000+ new donors at your fingertips. Buy your list for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do the legwork. You change your order quantity to include more donor contacts.
(Please allow 48 - 72 hours for payment confirmation and delivery of donor list.)

Try our affordable e-downloads!

DonorMatch Toolbox

DonorMatch Tool Box

Receive results-proven tips for research, recruitment and retention of donors for your NPO. Get matched with helpful donor resources, direct consulting opportunities and donor building methods. Download your toolbox now!

DonorMatch Tool Box
NPO Best Practice Financial Tips

NPO Financial Tips

Receive your 5 Tips for Nonprofits today which includes tips for financial plan design and forecasting, sample plans, best accounting methods and more! Have direct leadership from our CEO, Josh Lavoie.

NPO Financial Tips
NPO Meds

Nonprofit Meds

Get a complete NPO Medi-Pack for your organization. Receive 5 important tips that can heal your NPO! Download your Nonprofit Meds now!

Nonprofit Meds

*Nonprofit Match, Inc. requires an initial engagement fee on consulting contracts.

Fees are based on 10% to 12% of overall scope of work or based on total hours required. Engagement fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

If your organization seeks direct consultation, please contact us at info@nonprofitmatch1.com.

Nonprofit Match, Inc. Partners and Resources

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Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now, Inc.

Volunteer Match

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